Feel Healthier and Happier Over 50!
Feel Healthier and Happier Over 50!




I’m Margie Abernethy, a 35-year veteran of healthcare sales and marketing  exec gone 50s+ lifestyle blogger.  I was raised in Connecticut, but moved to Colorado when I was 18 years old.  After 35 years in Colorado, my husband Dave and I recently unexpectedly moved to Sarasota, Florida 

from Evergreen, Colorado.

The blog was originally intended to provide a window

into the small mountain town in which we lived. Long story, short - by the time I figured out all the technology, we had moved six times and over 2,000 miles to Sarasota, Florida!  A world apart from the one we left, we find Sarasota to be an inspiring community that Dave and I 

already love in so many ways.

We turned our new home in Evergreen, Colorado into 

an Airbnb and moved from the mountains to a fabulous beach town on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  It’s a completely different lifestyle and we love it!!  I have always considered myself to be a mountain person over a beach person.  That is, until recently;-).  We’re loving it here!  

Siesta Key is a known Center of  Healing Energy, [learn more about the natural healing properties of Siesta Key's sand here.]  I feel so fortunate to be living in such amazing surroundings, that I intend to soak up all the 

healing energy I can with hatha yoga on the 

white sand beaches of Siesta Key!!


We look to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so we make smart choices

 in what we eat.  One way we safeguard our health is through a Whole-Foods, Plant Based Diet (WFPB) which has been proven to be the best way to safeguard your health from chronic and deadly diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

While I am not a physician, I can offer tremendous insight into medicine

and cutting through the pseudo-science to understand what the big take-away means for us all.  I share my insight into what the studies document.  

Again, I'm no physician -- but I know what they look for and I understand 

what the science is telling us.  My insights into health and wellness

 requires passing a level of scientific rigor before I would even consider writing about it here.  

I am a wife to a handsome tech guru and a full-time dog mom to Winnie and Wilbur, our fur babies. and Nonni to Kailani - my only grandchild ;-).

I write about my decision to completely overhaul my life – jumping off the corporate gerbil wheel and into two internet businesses, 

starting with an Airbnb and then a blog, while 

creating healthy habits and generally trying to simplify my life, 

re-prioritize and start over in my late fifties.  

I love staying active, exploring, travel, animals and learning.  

My journey includes focus on a higher level of health and wellness, both physical and mental.  I write about easy ways to incorporate healthier habits into your daily life, simplifying your life in manageable steps, 

and ways to increase your happiness.


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like they have enhanced ours.  

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