I’m Margie Abernethy, a 35-year veteran of healthcare sales, gone 50s+ lifestyle blogger.  Originally from Connecticut, I moved to Colorado when I was 18.  After nearly 40 years as a Coloradoan, we unexpectedly moved to Sarasota, Florida in late 2017.

Right after we moved into a new home in Evergreen, Colorado!!  

What to do?  

We turned our new house in Evergreen into an Airbnb 

and moved from the mountains to a fabulous beach town on the Gulf Coast

 of Florida.  Siesta Key is a known Center of  Healing Energy, [learn more about the natural healing properties of Siesta Key's sand here.]   

After a short stint in Florida, we recently returned to the mountains to live in Livingston, Montana, but I still have sand in my RAV4.


We look to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so we follow a Whole-Food, 

Plant Based (WFPB) Diet, which has been proven protective against such chronic and deadly diseases as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Because of my extensive healthcare experience, I can offer insight by 

cutting through the pseudo-science to help you understand 

what the big take-away means for us all by sharing my insight into what 

the studies document.  But please, I am not a physician -- so, please 

be sure to check with your doctor before trying something new.

I am a wife to a handsome tech guru and a dog mom to Winnie and Wilbur, our fur babies.  And best of all, I am Nonni to Kailani, my beautiful granddaughter, thanks to Dave's son Chris from a prior marriage.  

I love staying active, exploring, travel, animals and learning.  

My journey includes focus on a higher level of 

health and wellness, both physical and mental. 

I write about my decision to completely overhaul my life – jumping off the corporate gerbil wheel and into two internet businesses, starting with an Airbnb and then a blog, while creating healthy habits and generally trying to simplify my life, re-prioritize and start over in my late fifties.  


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