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Every Thursday, I send out an exclusive email with the three coolest things I’ve found (or explored) that week.  It could be cool stuff in Montana (our new home state), or hip things in Evergreen, Colorado where we used to live (and we still have a vacation rental property). Or maybe even fun stuff from Sarasota, Florida where we once lived (for like a minute).

It could include my favorite Buddha quote, or it might include tips on following a Whole-Food, Plant Based (WFPB Diet), TedX talks, gadgets, books, articles, hacks, or some frugal living tips.  Or a Guest Post from a vegan author, a Health Coach or a Physician.  

and — of course — recipes and blog posts from best-selling cookbook author Vicki Chelf, who is a 40-year veteran of veganism and regular contributor here at HHO50. (Hint: she uses her Instantpot to keep it simple!)  Vicki and I both follow only scientifically proven wellness principles such as a Whole-Food, Plant Based (WFPB) Diet. (Vicki is a Certified Nutritionist and my 35-year career in medical sales taught me to look for scientifically-proven wellness techniques. )

I started a vegan-”ish” diet in 2007, when I gave up red meat, pork and poultry, as well as dairy.  I feel great and I highly recommend a plant-based diet. I feel good about the choices we make as a family because it not only benefits our health, it also helps prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s – diseases that all run in my family. Being plant-based also enables us to do our part for climate change.

And if that’s not enough, every week I include my favorite “Silly Video of the Week” in the newsletter, down in the post-script. I’m addicted to funny videos, and I believe it’s important to laugh as much as we can. So, I’m an ardent collector and I like to share.

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The Weekly Woo is 3 Things I've Been Loving, Trying or Reading