Feel Healthier and Happier Over 50!
Feel Healthier and Happier Over 50!

 The science is clear. The results are undeniable.   

Feel happier & healthier over 50

 The science is clear. The results are undeniable.   

Feel happier & healthier over 50


Healthy Diet


At birth, I weighed a whopping 10 lbs., 3 oz. (Sorry, mom. Poor thing was only 5'3") and my brother and I both topped ten pounds.  

Anyway, I've been weight-obsessed ever since.  Until now.  No points, scales 

or pre-packaged foods.  

My journey likely includes every diet 

that has ever been.  In a need to simplify, 

I stopped focusing on weight and 

started to focus on my health.  

I committed to a Whole-Food, 

Plant Based Diet (WFPB) over 

ten years ago. It takes effort to be committed to healthy eating, but it's well worth it.

Keep Moving


Find some way to keep moving -- 


No excuses -- move past that now to accountability.  Once you stop moving you die, so find some way to embrace movement and run with it.   For your health. 

Find something, anything that works 

with your body and your schedule.

Make a commitment to self-care 

for both body and mind.

Get out there and do it!!  

Every single day.  No matter what.

If All Else Fails....


After selling professional skincare to dermatologists and plastic surgeons, my ex-husband and I opened a cosmetic practice offering laser hair removal, Botox, permanent makeup and other minimally-invasive procedures.  

This experience enables me to offer insight into the many cosmetic options available today.  

So, yea.  I get discounts on treatments but I promise to share the inside scoop!  In fact, I show before and after photos, tell you whether it hurts and how much I (hopefully!) love the results.

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After a long and successful career in sales and marketing, I made the decision to jump off the corporate gerbil wheel and support my husband's pursuits in his career.  I wanted to follow my entrepreneurial instincts.  

My career in healthcare sales and marketing spanned 35 years -- I started as a drug rep, selling nasal sprays to physicians in Colorado and Wyoming.  Over the years, I have had a lot of fun, challenging and interesting jobs, including marketing two renowned infertility practices in Colorado and my time in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.  One job was particularly fun, I worked for an aesthetic division of J&J's Ortho Dermatological, calling on Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.  After the division sold, I opened Evergreen, Colorado's first laser skin spa with my now ex-husband, a primary care physician.  He was excellent with procedures, and at one time we were the largest user of Botox in the state of Colorado.  

After completing the requirements for my master’s in Healthcare Leadership, I soon realized that my passions lay outside of healthcare, outside of Corporate America completely.  I no longer felt satisfaction from climbing the corporate ladder; and I had already enjoyed success in my first entrepreneurial venture, a cosmetic laser spa in Evergreen, Colorado.  

What I needed was a reboot, to start over and build a sustainable business instead of trading time for money in another soul-sucking job.  Since leaving corporate America, I have led tours at the historic Argo Mill & Tunnel in Idaho Springs, Colorado, became an Airbnb Superhost for the Colorado vacation rental property and I blog here on tips on maintaining health and wellness well past your fifties.

I'm happily remarried to Dave, my husband and best friend for close to 15 years now.  We've been to hell and back together!!  We're so happily married it amazes me sometimes! And we're here in Sarasota, Florida from Evergreen, Colorado!!  We didn't see that one coming at all.

The blog was originally named Margie’s Mountain View, as my original intention was to show a glimpse of what it's like to live in a small mountain town. The blog morphed into HappyHealthyOver50.com after I confused too many Floridians who simply wanted to follow me.  I never thought I'd say this, but I have become a beach person.......

I am committed to fighting the aging process as much as I can for as long as I can.  If that means a nip or a tuck, I’ll share the inside tips on medical aesthetic procedures and how well they did or didn't work.   

Happy~Healthy Over 50 is about my favorite things – health & wellness, travel and adventure, vacation rentals, beach living, travel and photographySelf-care has become my mantra after an extended period of loss leading to a diagnosis of PTSD in 2016.  A devotee of yoga and other wellness principles, I enjoy writing about my healing here in Sarasota, a known  Center of emotional and physical healing.

feel happier and healthier through your fifties and sixties


About the Blog

In October of 2016, a blog was just a glimmer in my eye.  I remember the time-frame distinctly; it was right after I was thrown from a horse and suffered a fractured pelvis.

The original name of the blog was Margie's Mountain View; it  was intended to provide a window into living in a beautiful mountain town, Evergreen, Colorado.  Our new home was only 11 miles away from the house we sold in Conifer, but we were soon to be thrown a curve ball.

The Universe had another plan. 

By the time I finally sent out my first newsletter, we had up and moved to Sarasota, Florida from our new home in Evergreen, Colorado, only 16 months later.  In the interim, we started a successful Airbnb and I launched the blog. And we moved and moved and moved again.  

This time, to Sarasota, Florida, a known center of healing energy.  Coincidentally, I had some healing to do.  Margie's Mountain View soon became Happy Healthy Over 50 as Dave pursues his corporate climb in healthcare IT.

About Me

I’m originally from Connecticut but I moved to Boulder, Colorado when I was 18. Dave and I have been married for close to 15 years, and we’re the proud grandparents of Kailani, who is the daughter of Dave's son, Chris from a previous marriage. Our fur babies are Wilbur, a 13 year old black pug, and Winnie, who is still a puppy at the time of this writing.

At 56, I find myself in Sarasota, Florida, happily, yet completely unexpectedly.   So, I often blog about starting over, getting off the corporate gerbil wheel, alternative health and wellness options and building a solid marriage.   


My healthcare background is evident throughout my blog posts, as I refer to peer-reviewed journals as references.  My background in Derm and Plastics comes in handy as I try my hand at aesthetic procedures and healing techniques in and around Sarasota.  A devout Pescatarian (vegetarian + fish), I also advocate a Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet as a way to maximize your wellness.

I don't claim to have all the answers and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm happy to share what I've learned in the hopes it might help someone else.  

 Disclaimer: The content and material on this website should not be considered medical advice nor medical treatment for any specific health conditions. Margie Abernethy is not a health care provider or clinical nutritionist. Consult your doctor before changing your diet and discuss any and all medications you are on including monitoring your health for positive changes that may affect the amount of medication you are taking.  


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